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Recipe for a Dalvahni Demon Hunter
Saturday, October 1st, 2011
  • Start with approximately 225 pounds of prime Dalvahni male, extremely fresh.*
  • Add four to five gallons of uh uh uh.
  • Throw in several quarts of pure, undiluted yummy. **
  • Add a bushel each of unsurpassed fighting skills and tracking ability.
  • Combine with insatiable lust and zest of virility.
  • Stir in a large dollop of stoicism and dispassion.
  • Toss in a generous amount of loyalty and a couple of heaping tablespoons of denial.
  • Omit the sense of humor, but be sure and sprinkle in a pound of literalism.
  • Blend with true love.
  • Fold ingredients lightly together. Stir vigorously for best results. Best served hot.

*Note: Dalvahni males are large in size (in excess of six feet in height), lean and muscular animals. Do not substitute generic or ordinary human males or recipe will not rise.
** Do not substitute imitation flavoring.
*** Warning: Demon hunters are habit forming and slippery when wet.