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Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff

Demon Hunting with a Southern Sheriff

Demon Hunting Series, Book 6
Coming from Lyrical Press in 2019

Rowdy rednecks. Shifty shapeshifters. Deadly demon hunters.


With its cross-cultural mix of good ol’ boys, big bad wolves, and otherworldly beings, Behr County is the last place you’d want to be a cop. But for Sheriff Dev Whitsun, it’s Sweet Home Alabama—and he plans to keep it that way. Famous last words. When a gruesome shifter massacre rocks the community, the all-too-human sheriff needs more than a badge and a few silver bullets. He needs the help of an immortal demon huntress. Her name is Arta, High Huntress of the Kirvahni. Whatever that means. Dev is no position to be picky about partners right now. But when Arta reveals that the killer is a vengeful psychopath with unimaginable powers, Dev knows he’s in for one hell of a ride. God help them all…