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Thank you for visiting Lexi George’s website. Lexi writes paranormal romance set in Hannah, Alabama, a town rife with romance, sexy hunks, zany characters, and supernatural weirdness.

UPDATE: For all who wait for the next book in the Demon Hunting Series: Demon Hunting with a Dixie Deb will be out May 24, 2016. You can already read more about it on the Books page.

OUT NOW: DEMON HUNTING IN A DIVE BAR, the third book in the snarky paranormal series set in a small Alabama town filled with demonoids…and those who hunt them.

It’s about Conall, the leader of the Dalvahni*, who does the unthinkable and falls in love with a demonoid, the half human and half demon progeny of a demon possessed human. Talk about breaking the rules and shocking some folks! He fights it, of course, but he loses. ;)

Demon Hunting in DixieThat’s what the reviewers are saying about the sequel to DEMON HUNTING IN DIXIE and DEMON HUNTING IN THE DEEP SOUTH:

From Publishers Weekly: “George serves up memorable Southern one-liners while upping the stakes in this satisfyingly funny series installment.”

And from RT: “Clever, fast-paced and sexy as hell, George’s third adventure set in Hannah, Ala., is a steamy, heartfelt treat from start to finish.” 4.5 Stars TOP PICK!

Happy demon hunting,

P.S.: *The Dalvahni are a race of immortal warriors created by the god Kehvahn to hunt and capture the djegrali, or demons, when they leak into other worlds and cause mischief. The djegrali were confined by the gods behind the Veil, until Kehvahn’s brother, Pratt, a trickster sort of like Loki in the Norse pantheon, tore the veil and released them. As for the demons, no one knows where they come from. They are older than the Kehvahn and Pratt, older even than the stars.

The Dalvahni know nothing but duty and the hunt. They are humorless and emotionless, except for battle rage and lust…until they come to Hannah and fall in love, and then the fun starts!

Demon Hunting with a Dixie Deb
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Demon Hunting in a Dive Bar
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